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Shades of Green Landscaping

The owner of Shades of Green Landscaping was working with a designer who unexpectedly passed away, taking the code, the ownership of the domain name, and passwords with her.  I was called in to complete the site, which was impossible to do.  We needed to start over, and this is the result.  The owner and I worked together on the design and insertion and captions of the hundreds of photographs of her work.

Laurie Carlson is a Personal Coach for Highly Sensitive People. When we first began working together, Laurie wanted a custom site. I created the wireframes and had begun coding when she found this template and decided that she really liked it. So, we started over, and this is the result.
Geli Photographic Solutions Logo

Geli Bloomquist is an Ambassador with Forever, a compay that specialized is preserving visual memories, whether they be photos, slides, or video tapes - anything, acually. This site is designed to help boost her business. It is a custom design, and will be migrated to her own URL shortly.
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