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Backup my computer? Huh?

Well, today is World Backup Day. I know, I know, we all intend to back up our computers and phones, but how many of us really do? I’m one of the few who actually do this chore, and it’s painless.

About a year ago, I needed to buy an external drive to get some pictures from my mom. I got a terabyte drive on sale, and it’s one of the best purchases I have ever made.

I had also recently broken down and bought a new computer. It was time. I delayed and delayed until the battery on the old machine wouldn’t hold a charge, even if it was plugged in. It came with Windows 10 installed. I was investigating the settings and discovered that the backup options were really great. It was truly a “set it and forget it” arrangement. The settings allow choices of performing backups ranging from every 10 minutes to daily, and the choices for how long to keep the backed up files are great.

Then the new, really cool, high speed, low drag computer crashed. The motherboard died. Because it was a really cool, high speed, low drag box, there was only one new motherboard with the correct configuration available. It cost USD 900+ and was somewhere in the UK. Although I really liked that computer, and I was tempted, spending that amount of money on something that I couldn’t return if it wasn’t exactly right was something even I wasn’t willing to do.

So what to do? I checked out the used computers at RE-PC, bought one at a great price, increased the memory and got a new SSD and I was all set. It’s not as cute as the old one, but the configuration is almost the same and it gets the job done.

The moral of the story? Backing up your computer or phone isn’t glamorous, but it takes very little time to set up and will save your neck if disaster strikes.

For more information, go to the World Backup Day site using the link below.

World Backup Day

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